There has to be a way to save money on transportation. Life is expensive enough, particularly with the high cost of gas prices. I want to save money on fuel, insurance and other costs of ownership, and buying expensive car spares. Apparently, companies are working hard on a car that has an autopilot , which is exciting news. We may be a few years away from this type of innovation. However, this type of news impacts me because it could change how I work, and how I spend some of hard-earned money.

Saving time

It is interesting to think about the future. In the past, people imagined that in a future time, we would have enough machines and innovations that we would have lives of relative leisure. Instead, we seem to be working even harder and filling every moment with multiple tasks. Since I do some freelance work, I would love to have some extra time in the car to research, answer email and do some typing. In my part of the country, there are few opportunities for public transportation. Granted, I don’t know if the envisioned cars would immediately let the consumer completely ignore the road, but that would be helpful.

Cost of ownership

Obviously a car with autopilot is still going to cost money. It would still need some sort of fuel, but I envision there being some cost-saving. If speeds can be regulated, this may make the car more efficient. In addition, if I could get some work done while I am driving around, that would possibly help offset a higher cost of acquisition. One wonders how insurance companies might handle that type of technology. Would I get lower rates because the car was doing some of the driving?

Emergent technology

There are certainly a lot of scenarios that are interesting to imagine, particularly when it comes to future purchases and advanced technology. Owning a car is an expensive venture, particularly on the clogged freeways of Southern California where I live. If I could cut down on my time, save some money or use my time more wisely for conducting business, that would be fantastic. Sitting on the freeway isn’t always the best use of my time.